Treat Yourself to Greens Plus

I’m terribly excited to have the chance to tell you about my favorite brand at Bare Essentials Natural Market, and quite possibly in the entire food industry. I would literally eat anything Greens Plus makes! They’re masters at taking the … Continue reading

Staff Picks: September 2014

Curious to see what we’re addicted to this month? Here are some of our staff picks for September: Tena – Wellness Department Manager MacaPause from Femmenessence MacaPause is made from Organic Maca Root, which comes in a plant derived cellulose … Continue reading

Get Energized with HealthForce Nutritionals

We didn’t hesitate when it was time to decide if we should add HealthForce Nutritionals to our line of products. The products we carry go through rigorous scrutiny, and must meet some high standards before being brought in for our … Continue reading