Favorite Upcoming Event! Taste of the Holidays

You’re invited to a

Taste of the Holidays


Join us 3-5pm Thursday, November 12th at Bare Essentials Natural Market for a free tasting of our “Holiday Dinner” favorites.

The menu will include traditional, vegan/vegetarian, and gluten free options. If you need ideas or help planning your Thanksgiving dinner stop by and give our recipes a try…

We will have tastings of:

Turkey from Mary’s…..HoneyBear
Celebration Roast *Vegetarian
Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallow
Green Bean Almondine
Arrowhead Mills Stuffing
Cornbread Stuffing *Gluten Free
Vegan Mushroom Gravy *Vegan
Turkey Gravy
Cherry Pie
Mulled Cider

Free recipe cards of everything prepared will be available. You can also find recipes for our Holiday dinner on our blog here. (Updated as recipes are available)

*Must be 21 or older and have a valid ID to sample wine*


Favorite Harvest Report: Local Organic Produce

 fresh organic local produce

Did you know?
Winter Squashes are one of the richest sources of plant based anti-inflammatory nutrients such as omega 3s and beta-carotene, which are important for a strong immune system to help protect against colds and flu.


Local farmers are harvesting
Winter Squash and Greens
for our produce department.
Check out the new arrivals.


Appalachian Grown Local Produce

Look for these fresh, organic fruits & veggies… (while supplies last)

~ Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers Lynn Soeder, Todd NC

~ Red Potatoes Fishel Organics, Ashe County

~ Spaghetti Squash (Stripetti) Blue Ridge Farm, Ashe County

~ Butternut Squash Sunshine Cove Farm, Watauga County
Certified Organic / ASU SD Farm, Ashe County

~ Acorn Squash Fishel Organics Ashe County

  Shiitake Mushrooms Sweiter Farm, Watauga Co

~ Baby Lettuce Mix Farm Fresh Ventures, Old Fort

~ Bok Choy, Blue Ridge FarmAshe County

~ Lacinato / Dino Kale, Blue Ridge Farm, Ashe County

~ Mizuna Blue Ridge Farm, Ashe County

Beet Greens~ Baby Collards Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

~ Cinnamon Girl Pie Pumpkins ASU SD Farm, Ashe County

  New Life Farm Carrots

Working with local farmers we are able to offer the freshest,
local organic produce grown!

 ~ Hydroponic Lettuce (Bibb, Red Leaf and Romaine) Hanging Gardens Farm

local organic produce

All of our produce is either Certified Organic
or grown using sustainable, organic practices
unless others wise stated.

Never Conventionally Grown

~ German Hardneck Garlic  Nice Ashe Farm (New crop is here!)

~ Elephant Garlic Nice Ashe Farm

local organic produce

~ Micro Greens Market Mix, Arugula and Assorted Herbs Sunshine Cove Farm

Certified Organic

Sunshine Cove Farm Micro Greens



You’ll find Beans, Black Eye Peas & Baking needs in our Bulk Section

Browse through our recipe files!

 Come on by and support the local farmers and your community!

Direct from the farm, local veggies are being delivered almost daily. The farmers we buy from use organic farming methods which preserve farmland and cultivate healthy soils.

Buy Local!

Favorite Round-Up-For-A-Cause: Santa’s Toy Box

For the month of November, Bare Essentials Natural Market will be partnering with Santa’s Toy Box for our Round-Up-For-A-Cause Program. Each time you check out, you will have the opportunity to round up your total a few cents to help provide gifts for families who might otherwise struggle to provide them for their children. Every penny counts!

Follow our Round-Up-For-A-Cause Program on our Events page where you can see past and future partners and the amounts that our customers have helped raise for them.

Learn more about Santa’s Toy Box here…



Where your donations go…

The Men’s Group at Deerfield Methodist Church first started Santa’s Toy Box in 1986. They began by taking old toys and sprucing them up. Then in the early 1990’s they switched to providing new toys. Santa’s Toy Box has since become a community project utilizing the community to continue to provide families with Christmas gifts for the holiday. The group collects toys and donations and they build a toy store “…we take milk crates and boards and tables and just build a shelf and put the toys out and let the parents come in and pick out things,” said co-chairman Gene Swift. Last year, 2014, Bare Essentials Natural Market was able to raise $260 in change for Santa’s Toy Box and we hope to surpass that amount this year!

Santa’s Toy Box has survived over the years thanks to countless volunteers and the donations received from individuals, businesses and churches. Donations of money or toys are accepted and if you would like, volunteers are also welcome.

Favorite Halloween DIY Makeup with 100% Natural Ingredients

Half Skull faceDSC_1251

*Redmond’s Clay
*Gabriel mineral eye shadow in bone
*Gabriel mineral eye shadow in charcoal
*Gabriel mineral eye shadow in navy
*Gabriel eyeliner in black

  1. Mix 2 tsp. of Redmond’s Clay together with a tsp. of water until a thick paste is made. Adjustments can be made with either ingredients until desired consistency is made.
  2. Apply the paste evenly to the side of the face you wish to make the skull on, be sure to leave the eye area free of product. Let the paste dry.
  3. Once the paste is dry, take the black eyeliner and outline the eye socket, the teeth, and the hollow area under the DSC_1246cheek bone.
  4. Blend some of the navy and charcoal mineral eye shadow together and add water to intensify the color and help the color stay on longer. Apply this mixture to the hollow area outline and fill in the lines and spacing between teeth. Apply this mixture to the temple area to represent the hollow area.
  5. Use the clay mixture to fill in the teeth on the lips

6. Use the dry navy and the charcoal mineral eye shadow to add shadows and give the skull face a more weathered look . Enjoy! ☺


Vampire lookIMG_4039

*Gabriel Pressed Powder in Extra Light
* Gabriel Liquid Foundation in Pale Ivory
* Gabriel Mineral Eye shadow in Aubergene
* Gabriel Mineral Eye shadow in Charcoal
* Gabriel Mineral Eye shadow in Navy


  1. You’ll want to make yourself as pale as possible for this vamp look. Apply light amounts of liquid foundation to the face and be sure not to cover any circles under the eyes because you’ll want the sunken effect for a more authentic vampire look. Blend the liquid foundation evenly. Set with a dusting of the pressed mineral powder
  2. For the eyes, start off with the Aubergene eye shadow which is a plum color so it can add a bruised look and red hue to the charcoal color. To darken this look apply the charcoal and navy color over the plum color. If you wish to enhance your natural eye circles then apply light amount of the eye shadows to the area and blend.
  3. For girls if you wish to intensify your eye look you can line your eyes with wet navy or charcoal eye shadow which also helps the eye shadow stay longer.
  4. If you wish to add bite marks on your neck, used wet charcoal eye shadow and put two small circles on your neck. To add to the effect you can apply  the blood mix to the bite marks.IMG_4051Blood Mix

* 2 tsps of Beet powder
* 2 tsps of Cocoa Powder
*2 tblsp of water

  1. Combine the powders together in a small bowl.
  2. Slowly add the water until you get the desired consistency
  3. You can apply the mixture on your lips in order to give the illusion that you have just fed. Blood trails can be added at the corner of your lips.


Fairy LookIMG_4047

*Gabriel eyeliner in pine
*Gabriel Dual Pressed Powder (your shade)
*Gabriel Concealer in your shade
*Gabriel eye shadow mineral based in aubergene, pine and bisque
*Laremin eye shadow in Cloud 9 (available upon special order)
*Colorganics Lip Tint “Love” Shade

  1. Start off by applying concealer on your cheeks and forehead to highlight and blend out. Apply the concealer to blemishes and blend well. Set with pressed powder foundation.
  2. Apply concealer to eyelids to act as an eye shadow primer. Use the plum eye shadow along the crease line, if the plum color is too dark for you, you can mix the pink and plum eye shadow color together and then apply. Use the cream color on the brow bone and the center of the lid to help brighten up the look.
  3. Use either the pine mineral eye shadow wet or the pine eyeliner to draw the vines around the eyes depending the desired intensity of the look. Fill in the leaves on the drawn vines with the shimmer powder to give it a more whimsical look. Use wet plum color or pink color to add flowers to the vines if so desired.


Favorite It’s Turkey Time!

Starting today you can reserve your fresh holiday Turkey at Bare Essentials Natural Market for Thanksgiving.
There are three options for fresh Turkey’s this year, learn about them here:

Maple Lawn Farm Turkeys

Reserve a fresh, cage-free (non-organic) turkey from Maple Lawn Farms in Fulton, MD. These birds come in an assortment of sizes and are priced at $2.79/lb. Maple Lawn Farms guarantees these Turkeys will stay fresh through December 3rd. Learn more about Maple Lawn Farm here. evenmoreturkeys

New Life Farm Turkeys

You can also reserve a fresh broad-breasted bird from New Life Farm, now in Lenoir, NC. These birds are pasture raised, Non-GMO Turkeys that are given a quarter acre of land to roam and humanely raised. You will have the option of either an 8-10lb bird or an 12-15lb bird. Purchasing a bird from New Life Farm means you are not only supporting a local business but also a local farmer. These birds will be priced at $4.99/lb To learn more about New Life Farm click here.

NewLifeFarms_Oct2014-03Joyce Foods

We have a limited supply of Black Heritage Birds from Joyce Foods, in Winston Salem, NC. These birds will resemble a wild turkey in flavor, texture, and ratio of white and dark meat. These birds are priced at $5.49/lb. If you would like to learn more about Joyce Foods, click here.


There are two ways to reserve a bird –

  1. The next time you are in the store doing your grocery shopping stop by customer service and a friendly representative will put your name down for the bird of your choice.
  2. Call us! We will gladly accept phone orders and will place your name beside the bird of your choice.


Please pick up your bird between November 19th and November 24th. Any birds not picked up by that time will go to those on our wait-list November 25th.

If you forget to reserve your bird on time we will have a wait list for up to 20 people. There are no guarantees with the wait list, and it is a first come first serve basis. If you are on the wait-list you will be notified on November 25th if there are any available birds.

“We can guarantee that you’ll get a bird in the range you reserve. We cannot guarantee a specific size. That’s the “nature of the bird”. When you pick up the bird you reserved we may be able to offer you a slightly greater choice (for example: a 12.5lb bird vs. a 13.5lb bird). We can only guarantee that you will have a bird somewhere in the range you request.”