Harvest Report: Local Organic Produce

Check our produce department for new arrivals.

fresh organic local produce

Elephant Garlic Ashe County
Tatsoi and Bok Choy
, Ashe County
Chinese Chestnuts / Watauga County
Apples /Watauga County
Pie Pumpkins / Watauga County
Just to name a few.

Appalachian Grown Local Produce

Look for these fresh, organic fruits & veggies… (while supplies last)

<<Just In>> Elephant Garlic Mark Heisey Ashe County

<<Just In>> Tatsoi Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

<<Just In>> Bok Choy Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

<<Just In>> Green Onions Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

~ White Button Mushrooms Orchard Valley Growers, GA

~ Portobello Mushrooms Orchard Valley Growers, GA

 ~Chinese Chestnuts Trinja Rogers Watauga County

~ Butternut Squash Fishel Organics, Ashe County

~ Spaghetti Squash Fishel Organics, Ashe County

 ~ Pie Pumpkins Fishel Organics, Ashe County

  ~ Acorn Squash Zydeco Moon Farm

 New Life Farm Carrots

Working with local farmers we are able to offer the freshest,
local organic produce grown!


 ~ Hydroponic Lettuce Hanging Gardens Farm

local organic produce

All of our produce is either Certified Organic
or grown using sustainable, organic practices
unless others wise stated.

Never Conventionally Grown

~ German Hardneck Garlic New Crop!  Sarah Greene

local organic produce

~ Micro Greens Market Mix, Arugula and Assorted Herbs Sunshine Cove Farm Sunshine Cove Farm Micro Greens

Local Low Spray Apples (New crop is here!)

~ Empire 

 ~ Granny smith

~ Rome

~ Stayman

Moretz Mountain Orchard Boone NC

What is  ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Low Spray?

Low spray means that the orchard is lowering the threshold for blemished apples by spraying less than would be required to get the standard 2% blemish rate of a conventional orchard. So they spray selectively if a issue comes up but never a broad spectrum non specific application.

The orchard steers clear from anything that has too long of a residue life and always wait the recommended times to pick after a spray to reduce residue, usually 2 days.

The orchard uses Pest/disease resistant heirloom varieties.


You’ll find Beans, Black Eye Peas & Baking needs in our Bulk Section

Browse through our recipe files!

 Come on by and support the local farmers and your community!

Direct from the farm, local veggies are being delivered almost daily. The farmers we buy from use organic farming methods which preserve farmland and cultivate healthy soils.

New Product! M&J Dog Essentials



We now carry M&J Dog Essentials, these holistic dog products are made in Asheville, NC “and contain all-natural ingredients and fragrances that are free of sulfates, parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals”.

If you’re like me you consider your pet as a part of the family, so why not use products that are all natural and healthy for them like you would for yourself?

The Ingredients

At M&J Dog Essentials, all of the ingredients used in our dog products are natural, locally sourced in Western North Carolina and never tested on animals. With every bottle comes the guarantee of our combined expertise as licensed estheticians and an herbalist, 15 years of tested and true botanical combinations, and evidence of our sincere devotion to the best possible care for our dog friends. The results are products that promote the utmost in physical and emotional wellness for your pet. 

Each and every one of our Essential products is PH-balanced for dogs and uses natural-based formulas. No sulfates, parabens or any other potentially harmful ingredients.

My Favorite

The Purely Clean Honeysuckle Shampoo smells amazing and it left my dog feeling “snuggle” soft (I’m tempted to use it myself). I have a Border Collie-Chow mix who has long golden hair that, because she’s a border collie, is constantly tangled with mud and grass.


After washing her with the Purely Clean Honeysuckle Shampoo she smelled fresh and pranced around the house acting like she’d just won an award at a dog show. I think she was a little proud of how clean and shiny her coat was (I might mention she is a very self-absorbed little pup and knows when she looks good).

You can find the Purely Clean Shampoo along with the Herbal Rinse, Freshen-Up Spray, Nutrient Fusion Bath, and Show Dog Shine in our Pet Department. Ask any friendly associate for assistance in picking out the perfect M&J Dog Essentials product for your furry friend.

Learn more about M&J Dog Essentials at http://mjdog.com/

RealLocal: High Country CSA

At Bare Essentials Natural Market we’re committed to local because we are local.

Whether you’re looking for local produce, granola, coffee, wine, herbal supplements, or body care, we have you covered. Learn more about Bare Essentials’ commitment to local products here… And see a full list of our local vendors here…

This month we are highlighting High Country CSA, a multi-farm cooperative CSA in the High Country of North Carolina, providing farm-fresh, organic, local produce. Although, the High Country CSA is not an individual vendor we value their contribution to the community and are a distribution site for their services. Here is a little about the High Country CSA:

UntitledHigh Country CSA gives members a box of fresh, local organic produce each week from a cooperative of local family farms. During the 2014 season HCCSA offered a 20-week CSA share, with boxes priced at $15/week or $30/week depending on the amount of produce provided. HCCSA also operates a nonprofit Cost-Share-program, accepting EBT/SNAP (food stamps) as payment and providing reduced-cost shares to low-income community members. 

For the 2015 season, HCCSA is expanding community partnerships to give our members more produce each week, more pickup days and hours, and possible delivery to homes and workplaces. We’re partnering with Heifer USA and working with Foodshed Farms to grow our CSA offerings. Keep in touch at www.highcountrycsa.org, and look for our season signup beginning in January!

HCCSA’s coordinator Elliot is spending the winter in small business & Food Hub training to build a better HCCSA – please click here to learn more and help her afford tuition!

Winter Wellness

That time of year is here once again, and winter wellness is at the top of most priority lists. We all want to be able to enjoy the holiday season without sickness getting in the way of the fun, which is why it’s important to make sure that your medicine cabinet is stocked with the most natural and effective solutions available. At Bare Essentials Natural Market, we have some staff favorites that we are happy to share in order to keep you at your best all season long.

If you’ve ever come into our store looking for an effective cold treatment, chances are we have talked to you about Kold Kare by Kare-N-Herbs. This formula is made from the herb Andrographis, and is a great all-around immune booster for knocking out the cold, flu or allergies right in their beginning stages. It’s hard to know when winter sickness will strike, which is why Kold Kare is an important formula to always have on hand.

Kold Kare is a great option if you come down with a cold, but it’s critical to have a daily immune booster to be able to stay well all season. One of our staff favorites for daily immune boosting is Stamets 7 by Host Defense. This blend of 7 different medicinal mushrooms is great for supporting all of the body systems that play a role in immunity, including the respiratory, digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Studies have also shown that these mushrooms can aid in increasing our bodies natural killer cells. Stamets 7 is totally safe for long-term use and is my favorite for keeping my immune system supported all year long.

Bare Essentials Natural Market has everything that you need to keep that immune system boosted this winter. If you’d like to know more, our experienced staff is available to help you find solutions to fit your individual needs.Wellness_WinterWellness

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

Do-It-Yourself this Christmas!

You Asked and We Answered!

Our Wellness Department is now equipped with a Do-It-Yourself Body Care section.

Growing up in my family, getting and giving homemade gifts at Christmas was a treasure and always made the holiday memories more fun. But, I will admit I usually stuck to making scarves or socks instead of trying to make hand creams or lip balms because I wasn’t sure if I could trust the ingredients, and I didn’t want to have to pay expensive prices to find the healthy natural products that I was comfortable with…

I no longer have to worry about that and neither do you! Bare Essentials has taken the guess work out of the do-it-yourself experience by providing you with all the necessary ingredients from flowers and beeswax to the containers and tubes to fill. Plus! You can trust that all of these ingredients are natural healthy products at great prices!

In the DIY section you can find Beeswax, Flowers (calendula, rose buds, lavender, etc), Herbs, Essential Oils, Containers (jars, tubes, bags, etc), Clay Powders, Menthol Crystals, Salts and much more!

Some of the body care products you can make with these ingredients and supplies include:

Body Cream

Lip Balm
Bath Tea

Can’t decide what to make? We got that covered too! On the bulletin board above the DIY section there will be suggested recipes posted for your convenience. Feel free to take a copy and Do-It-Yourself!IMAG1207

Here is one of our suggested recipes…

Mint Sugar Scrub


  • 1 ½ cups Raw Sugar
  • Peppermint Essentials Oil
  • ½ cup Organic Coconut oil
  • A pinch of Kelp Powder



  1. Place jar of coconut oil in a warm bowl of water until softened.
  2. Start by adding 1 ½ cups sugar to the oil, along with the peppermint extract. Mix until ingredients are well combined. If mixture is too wet, add another ½ cup sugar until scrub is to desired consistency.
  3. Add pinch of kelp for color and mix thoroughly.
  4. Spoon scrub into air-tight containers (such as a mason jar) and decorate with twine or ribbon.