Round-Up: Horse Helpers of the High Country

horse helpers of the high countryFor the month of August, Bare Essentials Natural Market will be partnering with the Horse Helpers of the High Country (a 501c3 nonprofit) for our Round-Up-For-A-Cause Program. Each time you check out, you will have the opportunity to round up your total a few cents to help provide a second chance to sick, abused, and unwanted horses. Every penny counts!

Funds raised will help pay for feed, hay, and vet bills. The organization also reaches out to at-risk youth, disabled children and other people in search of renewal.

Horse Helpers Amy Hudnall

Ben and Mary with Amy Hudnall at Horse Helpers of the High Country.

Horse Helpers is made possible by president Amy Hudnall, an active board of directors, and dedicated volunteers. It was created in 2004, and can be found on Wisteria Farm near Boone. They have a very extensive set up with quarantine spaces and paddocks for sick horses, two barns, eight stalls and foster homes. This is the only equine rescue facility for Ashe, Avery and Watauga.

Unfortunately, many people purchase horses without realizing that they can only be ridden for a short portion of their long lifespan, and are then unwilling to make the financial commitment to continue caring for these animals. With the economy in poor shape, animal abuse is worsening and the Horse Helpers are maxing out on their ability to help. Any donations, volunteer time, or foster home space you are able to contribute is greatly needed. You may contribute through our round-up program, and/or you can send contributions directly to Horse Helpers at 1199 Odes Wilson Rd., Zionville, NC 28607 (checks only).

Visit their website for information on Farm Tours, Internship Opportunities, monthly Horse Highlights, and more.

Horse Helpers mule

Ben and Mary with one sweet mule, at Horse Helpers of the High Country.

Willow Enters the World!'

While this post has nothing to do with Bare Essentials Natural Market, it is all about community! We hope you enjoy reading about our new addition in the Aho neighborhood…

The mother donkey Jenny (known as a Jennet), has been our neighbor on Blackberry Road for several years. After two pregnancies that did not produce a healthy foal, we (meaning all of the neighbors along the road) have been anxiously awaiting this birth for weeks. The pregnancy can last anywhere from 10 to 14 months, usually right around one year. Ben and I had stopped by Jenny’s gate at 10 p.m. on July 9th to check on her and she was her usual calm self. When Ben drove out before 8 a.m. the morning of the 10th, he saw Coy Miller of the Aho Community, the farmer who owns her, admiring Jenny and her white newborn female foal. We believe Willow (named by Mary) was born around 4 a.m. during that stormy night. Coy owns three donkeys in neighboring fields, Charlie, Jack and Jenny, who are there to protect his cattle from coyotes.

Jenny and Willow

Jenny introduces Willow to Mary hours after her birth.

I was at the gate within minutes after Ben’s call, camera in hand, and observed Jenny and Willow for the next couple of hours. When I arrived, Jenny guided Willow towards me from the field right up to the gate so I could see her closely. She was, and is, so precious!  As our neighbors drove by that morning, and then stopped to get out of their cars, it was a treat to see their faces when they saw Willow for the first time. I was amazed at the size of Willow, with her large head and big ears and those long slender wobbly legs, who hours before had been inside Jenny. And Jenny did not look a bit different! She didn’t even seem tired.

Mother and foal were quite the attraction during the first few days. Often there was a traffic jam along the road as people, young and old, stopped to visit and take pictures. We met neighbors that we had never talked to before.  Jenny and Willow have raised the joy quotient in our neighborhood tenfold. It is impossible to watch them and not have a smile on your face.

Ben was lucky enough to catch Jenny and Willow really enjoying themselves on video four days later. They know what to do on a beautiful Summer day! Check it out:

Case Club: Buy Big, Save Big

Have you found a product in our store that you’re really addicted to?

Kombucha that you absolutely must have every day… that Clif bar that gets you through the midday slump… the coconut water that replenishes you after your workout… the almond milk that drives your morning smoothies… the herbal tea that you just can’t find anywhere else…

Well, we have good news for you.

Most of the items in our store can be purchased through the Case Club program, a buying system that allows you to get your favorites at wholesale, plus 10%. This is a huge discount, and can make a lot of difference in your monthly food budget. No membership or fees are required!

This program is also a huge convenience. Request an order in advance, and we’ll have it delivered and stored in the back with your name on it until you can return to pick it up. No more worrying about coming in and finding an empty shelf where your favorite item use to be. Most Case Club items come in cases of 6, 12, or 24, a handy and manageable number for those items you use on a regular basis.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Case Club catalog, the product you are interested in may be available from another supplier. Don’t hesitate to ask! Special orders can be placed for almost anything, including supplements. Even non-Case Club items often receive healthy discounts when purchased in bulk.

Please feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable staff about the program the next time you stop by Bare Essentials. Alternatively, visit our Policies and Ordering Information Page for more details on how to submit an order (in the store or online), how pricing works, and how to pick up, pay for, or return an order (check and cash is preferred due to the hefty discount).

You can peruse an online version of the catalog here… or check it out in the store.

FREE Publication: Pesticides and Our Children

PAN logoA FREE publication on the effects of pesticides on the development of children has been made available to us, and we have placed a limited number of copies in our foyer for anyone interested in learning more.

A Generation in Jeopardy: How Pesticides Are Undermining Our Children’s Health and Intelligence was produced by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and provided to us from the Ceres Trust “whose mission includes empowering organic foods and organic agriculture as a means of preventing pesticide poisoning.”

The publication provides information on studies conducted correlating pesticides with mental deficits, cancer, birth defects, puberty anomalies, obesity, diabetes, asthma and more, as well as information on exposure points and case studies on possible solutions.

If you would like more information on the issue, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy and report encouraging and outlining the reduction of pesticide exposure for children which can be viewed here…

Please feel free to grab a copy from our foyer the next time you’re in the store. We have a limited supply, so get them while you can. You may also download a free copy and other resources at

inner-ēco™ Coconut Water Kefir

from innereco.comYou put the what in the coconut?
But what is kefir? Let me tell you…

Kefir is not a supplement, drug, or medicine. It is a living food, which helps the body find its natural probiotic balance to promote overall wellbeing. Kefir cultures contain beneficial yeast as well as friendly probiotic bacteria. These beneficial cultures provide the nutritional support associated with better digestive and immune health.

When Niki Price started making inner-ēco™ kefir, one of the first people she offered it to was her friend Barbara Vogel. Barb had had digestive issues all her life, and when she tried inner-ēco™ kefir, it was like water on a desert. No doctor had EVER been able to help her digestive issues, and inner-ēco™ was the only thing that ever honestly worked. She became an immediate fan. “I believe it’s an honest product, and if it worked for me, it will work for others,” she said. And so, Niki and Barb partnered to form their company, N & B, LLC, so they could share inner-ēco™ with others.

inner-ēco™ Coconut Water Probiotic Kefir is hand crafted in small batches with love and purpose using freshly harvested coconut water from young green coconuts at the peak of their nutritional life. Lab tested to contain boundless amounts of live, probiotic cultures per serving, this kefir is a living food created to build and nourish the inner ecology of your body. With seemingly endless health-supporting properties, inner-ēco™ Coconut Water Probiotic Kefir is an essential ally in your quest for optimum health.

Discover the delicious, nutritious and revitalizing wonders of this 100% pure and natural, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free and certified vegan beverage. For a free sample, or to learn more about the benefits of inner-ēco™  Probiotic Coconut Kefir, visit Bare Essentials Natural Market. For the month of July, you can pick up a bottle of inner-ēco™ at 15% OFF.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe.