Harvest Report: Local Organic Produce

Check our produce department for new arrivals.

fresh organic local produce

Tatsoi / Blue Ridge Organics
Fresh Ginger Root
/ Wilkes County
Chinese Chestnuts / Watauga County
Apples /Watauga County
Pie Pumpkins / Watauga County
Just to name a few.

Appalachian Grown Local Produce

Look for these fresh, organic fruits & veggies… (while supplies last)

<<Just In>> ~ Tatsoi / Blue Ridge Organics Ashe County

<<Just In>> ~Chinese Chestnuts Trinja Rogers Watauga County

<<Just In>> ~Fresh Ginger Root Tumbling Shoals Farm, Wilkes County

~ Butternut Squash Fishel Organics, Ashe County

~ Spaghetti Squash Fishel Organics, Ashe County

 ~ Anaheim and Carmen Peppers Sunshine Cove Farm

 ~ Pie Pumpkins Fishel Organics, Ashe County

  ~ Acorn Squash Zydeco Moon Farm

 ~ Danvers Carrots w/tops New Life Farm (waiting on new crop)

New Life Farm Carrots~ Red Bell Peppers New Life Farm – Boone, NC

Working with local farmers we are able to offer the freshest,
local organic produce grown!


 ~ Hydroponic Lettuce Hanging Gardens Farm

local organic produce

All of our produce is either Certified Organic
or grown using sustainable, organic practices
unless others wise stated.

Never Conventionally Grown

Curly Kale Tumbling Shoals Farm, Blue Ridge Organics

~ German Hardneck Garlic New Crop!  Sarah Greene

local organic produce

~ Micro Greens Market Mix, Arugula and Assorted Herbs Sunshine Cove Farm Sunshine Cove Farm Micro Greens

Local Low Spray Apples (New crop is here!)

~ Empire 

 ~ Gala No Spray

~ Enterprise

~ Rome

Moretz Mountain Orchard Boone NC

What is  ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Low Spray?

Low spray means that the orchard is lowering the threshold for blemished apples by spraying less than would be required to get the standard 2% blemish rate of a conventional orchard. So they spray selectively if a issue comes up but never a broad spectrum non specific application.

The orchard steers clear from anything that has too long of a residue life and always wait the recommended times to pick after a spray to reduce residue, usually 2 days.

The orchard uses Pest/disease resistant heirloom varieties.


You’ll find Beans, Black Eye Peas & Baking needs in our Bulk Section

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 Come on by and support the local farmers and your community!

Direct from the farm, local veggies are being delivered almost daily. The farmers we buy from use organic farming methods which preserve farmland and cultivate healthy soils.

Nordic Naturals: Buy One Bottle, Help Two Heroes

If you’ve ever come into Bare Essentials Natural Market to ask us for advice concerning fish oil, chances are we have talked to you about Nordic Naturals. Nordic sets the standard for not only high quality and purity that most consumers look for when shopping for fish oil, but also integrity. This cNordic Ultimate Omegaompany cares about the products that they put on the shelves, but also the consumers benefiting from them.

Nordic Naturals has partnered up with Paws for Veterans, a non-profit organization dedicated to pairing combat-injured veterans who suffer from neurological and physical disabilities with rescued, task-trained medical service dogs. Each dog is trained with the help of the veteran that they will be paired with so that the dog can become familiar with the individual needs of that veteran. These partnerships provide support that is crucial for the physical and emotional healing that many veterans must go through upon their return.

nordic naturals omega 3From now until December 31, 2014, for every bottle of select Nordic Naturals products sold, the company will donate a one-year supply of omega-3s to all veterans and their service dogs that are involved with the Paws for Veterans program, as well as funding to help build a wellness center and training facility for the organization. If you’d like to know more, our experienced staff at Bare Essentials Natural Market is available to help you find solutions for your individual needs.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

RealLocal: MoonBranch Botanicals

At Bare Essentials Natural Market we’re committed to local because we are local.

Whether you’re looking for local produce, granola, coffee, wine, herbal supplements, or body care, we have you covered. Learn more about Bare Essentials’ commitment to local products here… And see a full list of our local vendors here…

This month we are highlighting MoonBranch Botanicals, a trusted source of sustainably and ethically produced botanical products from Robbinsville, NC. In our bulk herb section you can find MoonBranch Botanicals’ American Ginseng, Elderberries – a great immune booster, and Witch Hazel Bark. Here is a little about MoonBranch Botanicals:

Our philosophy centers on the belief that plants produced in their native habitats consistently yield a higher quality product. Through our sustainable sourcing methods involving the responsible cultivation and wild harvesting of botanicals within these habitats, we strive to consistently supply our customer with the highest quality botanicals available. This is the foundation of our approach to satisfying and exceeding expectations relevant to consistency, potency, and proper species identification.

MoonBranchBotanicals2Regarding the use of the term “Sustainable Wildharvest”

One may notice that MoonBranch Botanicals uses the term “Sustainable Wildharvest” as opposed to “ethically wildcrafted” or some similar terminology. While not opposed to the use of the word “ethical” by well meaning companies and individuals, MoonBranch Botanicals is attempting to be more specific in its description of practices that impact plant species, bio-diversity and ecosystems.

“Ethics” often differ depending on the individual, the company, and sometimes the culture. “Sustainable” by definition refers to a practice that is ongoing and indefinite. To be ongoing and indefinite, harvesting methods must necessarily benefit the plant’s ecosystem and the biodiversity contained therein.

MoonBranch Botanicals applauds the efforts of those that have practiced and continue to practice truly ethicalwildcrafting from an ecosystem perspective as well as those that have increased public awareness of the issue. MoonBranch Botanicals believes that the term “Sustainable Wildharvest” is better suited to describe our own production methodology.

To learn more visit MoonBranch Botanicals Online

National Bulk Foods Week 2014

UntitledThroughout the 2nd week in October (12-18th), the Bulk is Green Council helps consumers, food makers, and grocers learn the advantages of choosing bulk foods over pre-packaged goods. The BIG (Bulk Is Green Council) ensures that you, as a consumer, can make a big difference in your family’s food budget while making a positive impact on the environment when you choose to buy in bulk.


So, what are the environmental and economic benefits to buying in bulk?

* Saving Money. When you buy bulk foods you are paying for the product, not the extra packaging and fancy displays, saving on average 89% over pre-packaged goods. This kind of savings is important to those paying close attention to what they buy at the grocery store.


bulk-close-b* Eliminating Unnecessary Packaging. Buying in bulk reduces the amount of packaging needed to display and transport goods, which then reduces the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills. No plastic bags inside of plastic bags inside of plastic bags. Eliminating unnecessary transportation and production of packaging materials in the shipping process that create CO2 emissions also reduces carbon footprints.


* Decreasing Food Waste. Allowing consumers to purchase exact amounts of the goods they need eliminates food excess and helps to ensure the product is used before it expires. Bulk items are also less likely to be thrown out resulting in less wasted food compared to packaged goods.


* Flexibility and Choice.  Bulk gives you the flexibility to purchase from a variety of natural and organic products by the pinch or pound. Buy just enough for that new recipe, or a large quantity for your next party – bulk gives you both options.


Because bulk food dispensers are gravity fed, the consumer can be confident that the goods they are purchasing are the freshest on the shelf. No risk of getting pushed to the back. Bulk foods rely on their quality, price, taste, and overall value because they don’t come in fancy packaging. What you see is what you get!