Round Up: Women’s Fund of the Blue Ridge

For the month of February, Bare Essentials Natural Market will be partnering with the Women’s Fund of the Blue Ridge for our Round-Up-For-A-Cause Program. Each time you check out, you will have the opportunity to round up your total a few cents to help provide women with the tools to succeed in the community. Every penny counts!

Follow our Round-Up-For-A-Cause Program on our Events page where you can see past and future partners and the amounts that our customers have helped raise for them.

final_logo-1Women helping women to build bright futures

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create positive change and economic justice for women and girls in the counties we serve.  Through funding to local non profit agencies, we aim to be a philanthropic catalyst for all women and girls to have access to the resources they need as they strive to become empowered and reach their full potential.

Learn more about the Women’s Fund of the Blue Ridge from their website here…

February Staff Picks!

Curious to see what we’re addicted to this month?
Here are some of our Staff Picks for February…


                                       Virgil’s Root Beer


Steven – Customer Service Representative

Virgil’s Root Beer will not only quench your thirst, and satisfy your every taste bud. One sip of this drink and you will understand why it’s an award-winning beverage.


product_product-large_oasis_mediterranian_medley_hommus_320.jpgOasis Zero Fat Mediterranean Medley Hummus

Taylor – Customer Service Representative

Oasis Hummus is a wonderful all natural treat any day of the week. With no additives or preservatives I can be confident in eating healthy with out compromising taste.


ENZ-29010-1Enzymedica Digestive Enzymes

Tena – Wellness Consultant

Enzymes are biologically active proteins necessary for all living organisms. Since most of the foods we eat are either cooked or processed, the enzymes naturally present in these foods are destroyed.  Everything is all about probiotics, which is most important for assimilation, but just as important is having enzymes present to break the food down so it can be absorbed. Without enzymes food does not break down properly and may cause indigestion, gas, and heartburn. One may become nutrient deficient. Enzymedica Enzymes are fast acting.

Harvest Report: Local Organic Produce

Check our produce department for new arrivals.

fresh organic local produce

Elephant Garlic Ashe County
Tatsoi and Bok Choy
, Ashe County
Apples /Watauga County

                         Just to name a few.

Appalachian Grown Local Produce

Look for these fresh, organic fruits & veggies… (while supplies last)

 <<Just In>> Tatsoi Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

<<Just In>> Bok Choy Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

<<Just In>> Green Onions Blue Ridge Organics, Ashe County

  ~ Acorn Squash Zydeco Moon Farm

 New Life Farm Carrots

Working with local farmers we are able to offer the freshest,
local organic produce grown!


 ~ Hydroponic Lettuce Hanging Gardens Farm

local organic produce

All of our produce is either Certified Organic
or grown using sustainable, organic practices
unless others wise stated.

Never Conventionally Grown

~ German Hardneck Garlic New Crop!  Sarah Greene

Elephant Garlic Mark Heisey Ashe County

local organic produce

~ Micro Greens Market Mix, Arugula and Assorted Herbs Sunshine Cove Farm Sunshine Cove Farm Micro Greens

~ Regional Produce  ~

North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Georgia/South Carolina Kale

North Carolina Turnips

North Carolina Rutabagas

Local Low Spray Apples

~ Rome

~ Stayman

Moretz Mountain Orchard Boone NC

What is  ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Low Spray?

Low spray means that the orchard is lowering the threshold for blemished apples by spraying less than would be required to get the standard 2% blemish rate of a conventional orchard. So they spray selectively if a issue comes up but never a broad spectrum non specific application.

The orchard steers clear from anything that has too long of a residue life and always wait the recommended times to pick after a spray to reduce residue, usually 2 days.

The orchard uses Pest/disease resistant heirloom varieties.


You’ll find Beans, Black Eye Peas & Baking needs in our Bulk Section

Browse through our recipe files!

 Come on by and support the local farmers and your community!

Direct from the farm, local veggies are being delivered almost daily. The farmers we buy from use organic farming methods which preserve farmland and cultivate healthy soils.

Thieves Oil Defense

The sneezing, coughing, and wheezing season is here. Take a deep breath of Thieves essential oil blend and build up your body’s defense against airborne bacteria. You can find all of the ingredients you need to make the Thieves Oil blend in our Wellness Department. Ask any of our associates for the recipe and the best ways to get the full benefits of using Thieves Oil.

The Recipe:

Combine drops of each one of these essential oils and clean up the air you breath!

Essential OilDrop Count

ThievesOilsBlendThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

DIY Body Care Recipes

Now that we have a wonderful DIY section for body care many of you have been asking for recipes! Here are some amazing recipes that we ourselves are trying out:

*Remember you can find all the ingredients you need to make each one of these recipes, right in our store! OneStopShop!

NEW! Coffee-Coconut Antioxidant Scrub


❖    1/2 cup organic raw sugar
❖    1/2 cup organic ground coffee
❖    1 cup coconut oil

Add the sugar in to a medium sized bowl. Combine the ground coffee with t he sugar in the bowl and mix well. Add the coconut oil to the mixture and mix by hand or utensil. (The heat from your hands aids in the mixing of the ingredients). Put the mixture into desired container. Enjoy!

NEW! Atomizer Recipe


❖    2 teaspoons Vodka or Distilled Liquor
❖    1/8 teaspoon Distilled Water
❖    1 teaspoon Essential Oils

Age blend for 3 days and enjoy!

Homemade Lotion Bars


❖    Fair trade virgin cold-pressed coconut oil
❖    Shea butter or Cocoa Butter
❖    Beeswax
❖    Essential oil
❖    Vitamin E (for preservation), optional

Choose your mold-silicon, metal or glass. Use a double boiler or place a mason jar in a small pot of water and bring water to a simmer. Measure out coconut oil and shea butter in a 1:1 ratio. Add the same quantity of beeswax as the coconut oil and shea butter to get lots of moisturizing power; or add slightly more beeswax to make it a bit less greasy. Place all ingredients in the jar and stir constantly until melted. Remove from heat. Add the Vitamin E and 25-40 drops of your choice of essential oil. Pour into the mold of your choosing & let sit undisturbed for several hours or overnight. Place the mold in the freezer to make it easier to pop the bars out.


                                 Holiday Room Spray

❖     3 oz. high-proof vodka, distilled water, or a 50/50 blend
❖     12 drops sweet orange essential oil
❖     12 drops lemon essential oil
❖     4 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
❖     2 drops clove bud essential oil
❖     4 oz. spray bottle with fine mister or atemizer

Fill your clean spray bottle with vodka, water, or a 50/50 blend. Drip essential oils into spray bottle and shake vigorously to combine. Shake before each use and spray whenever you desire a fresh burst of natural fragrance.

DIY Spiced Chai Lip Balm

makes 10 3ml jars

❖  1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
❖  1 Tablespoon of Cacao Butter or Raw Shea Butter (can leave this ingredient out in the winter but it helps hold the balm together during the hot summer months)
❖   1 Tablespoon of Beeswax Pastilles
❖   1/4 Teaspoon of Castor Oil for shine
❖   1/4 Teaspoon of Vanilla
❖   Essential Oils: 4 drops of Cinnamon Bark or Cassia, 4 drops of Ginger, and 4 drops of Clove. You can also substitute Black Pepper essential oil and/or Coriander Essential oil if you want!
❖  Small Containers or reused lip balm tubes

Add the coconut oil to a small pan and simmer till melted. Add the beeswax pellets and cacao/or shea butter and simmer for about 5-10 minutes till melted. Add the castor oil. Stir and remove from stove. Let sit till the mixture is warm to the touch, but not thick. It’s easier to pour into containers when it is still liquid. Add in the vanilla and essential oils. Stir. Pour into your containers and enjoy!

*Ask any of our friendly associates for help finding the ingredients and supplies you need!

Deodorant Recipe

❖     3 tbsp Coconut Oil
❖     3 tbsp Baking Soda
❖     2 tbsp Shea Butter
❖     Essential Oils (optional)

Melt Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a double boiler over medium heat until barely melted. Remove from heat and add baking soda. Mix well. Add essential oils and pour into a glass container for storage. It does not need to be stored in the fridge. In you prefer, you can let it cool completely and put into an old deodorant stick.